360 Degree Inspections offers a large variety of home inspections for different purposes.  Everything from buying and selling your home, home maintenance, and our 11 month inspection to protect your new home warranty.  Our priority is to provide a great experience to our customers and to earn your trust along the way. Learn more about our services by clicking on the Inspections tab. 

The purchase of a home is a major task – sometimes the largest investment you will ever make. A certified home inspection with 360 Degree Inspections puts a professional set of eyes on the property and can identify nonfunctioning systems, and damaged building components, as well as identify some of the positive aspects of the property.


In Colorado, the majority of home sales transactions include the potential buyer requesting a home inspection.  Based on the findings during the inspection, the value of the home to the buyer may change resulting in a lower sales price, in repairs that may be requested causing a time delay, in a buyer backing away from the sale.  A certified home inspection with 360 Degree Inspections will prepare the seller for the negotiations that are certain to come.

To be prepared for your 1 year walk-through with the contractor that built your home, an 11 Month Warranty Inspection will give you the peace of mind and confidence when working with the builder.


 Having your home inspected on a regular basis is comparable to taking your car in for service work.  The difference is your home is usually a much larger investment and does not typically come with a suggested maintenance schedule.  Most people are too busy or don’t have the knowledge to assess the status of their home maintenance. 

You cannot see, smell, or taste radon. But it still may be a problem in your home.  When you breathe air containing radon, you increase your risk of getting lung cancer.   360 Degree Inspections can test the radon levels to make sure your home is at a safe level.

sewer scope.jpg

Getting your drain lines scoped and inspected is a much needed service that can save thousands of dollars in potential repairs.  We have teamed with Drain Brain LLC to provide sewer scopes in an effort to make it easy to schedule your home inspection, radon measurement and sewer scope with a single phone call.