"Appreciate your expertise and professionalism, I am adding you to my very short list of inspection professionals that I offer to my clients."

Real Estate Agent

"I appreciated Bob’s speedy and detailed emails. Thank you for the thorough inspection, you are very gifted; job well done."

Real Estate Agent

"Thank you so much Bob, your report was very insightful and detailed.
A lengthy ‘honey do’ list for sure!"


"Bob was great. Very professional and friendly, I would recommend
as well as use him again."

Real Estate Agent

"It was great to meet Bob, he was always professional, detailed and conscientious about the physical aspects of the home. He was patient with our inquiries and thorough with his explanations. His thoroughness and depth of knowledge about the inspection of the home was a big factor in our decision process for our purchase offer."


"Great job, Bob! I always appreciate how thorough you are and your clear, concise reports, as well as you always getting my clients on your busy schedule so quickly!"

Real Estate Agent

"It was very nice meeting Bob, he did an awesome job!"


"Thank you so much Bob! It was wonderful to meet you and I appreciate your level of diligence during the inspection. As a first time home buyer, it makes all the difference."


Thank you, Bob for working with us on such short notice! I appreciate everything you did and all the explanations and tips about the house you provided.
Glad to have been working with you!"

Real Estate Agent

"Bob, we can’t thank you enough for all your help.
Your inspection was the best we’ve ever
had in all of our moves."
Jodi & Carri

"Thank you Bob! I can see why my real estate agent speaks so highly of you! And I appreciate you letting me tag along and ask questions...I found it very informative!"


"Thank you so much for an awesome job! I really appreciate your professionalism."

Real Estate Agent

"Thanks Bob for all your help and great customer service."

Real Estate Agent

"I appreciate all of your help.  I'm very comfortable with the work you've completed which gives me great confidence in our decision to move forward with purchasing."


"Bob, thanks for your work and the clear and concise report.  It is very helpful."


"Hey Bob, thanks for getting the report to me so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you as well and I am very glad that we decided to use you. The report is great and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to me, answer my questions and make sure that I understood everything. I will definitely be giving your info to my neighbors and suggest that they utilize your services!"

Dan & Maria

"Bob Kadera and 360 Degree Inspections is the best there is - Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough, Patient, Friendly and gives you all the time you need for questions and understanding inspection results. If you have questions after the inspection, Bob is there for you. He goes above and beyond what you might expect in order to meet your needs. Bob has an impeccable work ethic and great expertise in what he does. 360 Degree Inspections is an outstanding business we will use again and highly recommend to others. 

Thank you so much, Bob."

Randy & Kathy

"I absolutely recommend Bob Kadera for a home inspection. He is thorough, he does a good job, and his report is very user friendly. Most important of all, the buyers like him and trust him. "


"360 Degree Inspections provided me with a very thorough and complete inspection of my 11 month old home which helped me repair any issues prior to the end of my warranty.  Bob was very professional and knowledgeable, arrived on time and provided me with a timely report - I highly recommend 360 Degree Inspection."


"Wow, this inspection report makes me feel like I'm back on board ship getting ready for Admirals inspection.  Thank you for such a prompt professional inspection. 

Honestly never seen one so well detailed."


"Thank you for such a detailed and professional report.  I appreciate your efforts.  The report allowed me to negotiate the important items with the seller without worrying about the items that are typical in a home of this age." 


"Thanks again for the thorough inspections Bob!  You will now be my #1 guy!"


"I read through the report again last night and wanted to thank you for a very well written report.  You covered everything and made the necessary recommendations on the items that were in need.  I especially liked the pictures.  The notes and the arrows made the issues in question very clear.  Thanks for the follow up last night!  I will call you on my next one!"